About Us

Our A+ values




Our History

Kaponga School is a semi-rural school situated at the foothills of Mount Taranaki, serving both the village and the local districts. At the end of 2004 we merged with two other schools and our community, as a result, has been vastly extended. A diverse socio-economic environment is inherent in the village - farming make up of our community.

Achieving for our future

  • Excellence, by aiming high and by persevering in the face of difficulties;

  • Innovation, inquiry, and curiosity, by thinking critically, creatively, and reflectively;

  • Diversity, as found in our different cultures, languages, and heritage.

  • Equity, through fairness and social justice.

  • Community and participation for the common good.

  • Ecological sustainability, which includes care for the environment.

  • Integrity, which involves being honest, responsible, and accountable.

  • Acting ethically; and to respect themselves, others, and human rights.

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